Immy Tariq Helps Book Rated #2 On The Wall Street Journal Best Seller List

Leveraging his skills and experience in public relations and digital marketing, Webmetrix Group’s Immy Tariq has been able to help land the book, “Panic! Germs and the Truth inside American Mouth” co-authored by his wife Aimee Tariq, Dr. Gladys Mcgarey and Dr. Nicholas Meyer, on #2 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List. The astonishingly outstanding result was achieved with little social following, outperforming the hottest trend (anti-racism) books.

What does Webmetrix Group Do?

Webmetrix Group is a full-service digital marketing and public relations firm that is committed to helping their clients to gain positive public image and immense visibility on social media channels and search engines like Google. The company boasts of some of the best experts in digital marketing with a long track record of excellent service delivery across all industries.

Webmetrix Group is headed by two best-selling authors and co-founders who have not only built their success online, but also helped both local and international companies grow their businesses by millions of dollars annually.

How can Webmetrix Group Help your Business?

Webmetrix Group can help you connect the story of your brand, product, or service with your target audience which ultimately improves your online exposure, grows your customer base, and increases your revenue. Digital specialists at Webmetrix Group are versatile when it comes to helping clients to gain competitive advantage in their specific niches.

With a long track record of outstanding digital service delivery, Immy and his team are better positioned and well-equipped to develop an effective online marketing strategy that will increase your visibility online, expand your reach and skyrocket your revenue. No matter your industry, you can rely confidently on Webmetrix to implement a marketing strategy that puts you ahead of the competition.

Webmetrix Group’s Services

Webmetrix Group offers a broad range of digital services including:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the science of creating organic rankings in the SERPS where the practice results in organic revenue-producing traffic. The key is to work within the guidelines and focus on trust, traffic and theme aka relevance.

Google PPC

 Webmetrix Group utilizes a proprietary technology to lower ad cost, improve quality score and remove bots/spammers from clicking upon your ads therefore improving the quality of traffic and leads and leading to a higher ROI than any other ad agency. This is the fastest way to generate leads and get the highest ROI from any PPC Campaign.

ADA Compliant Web Design

ADA compliance refers to the America Disability Act standard that prohibits discrimination based on disability. It is therefore required for every website to consider people with this ability in the design of their site to promote equal accessibility. Webmetrix Group can help you protect your wallet and reputation by ensuring your website is ADA compliant while maintaining conversion rate optimization.

Video Ads

Webmetrix Group can help you become locally famous via their multi-channel proprietary strategy referred to as the billboard strategy

For help with online business promotion, visit their official website or call 800 800 8000.