How It Works


Our complimentary strategy session allows us to identify where you need help the most and give guidance regarding your strategy in relation to website design and ADA compliance.


If you’d like us to implement and manage that strategy we provide a tailor made package to best suit your needs and immediately get started on developing your online presence.


Instead of charging you an arm and a leg each time you need to make edits we bundle unlimited edits into our low monthly pricing. We also include website hosting, updates, backups and security.

It all starts with a simple phone call

At Webmetrix we believe in the concept of “value first” – meaning we like to give before we [ever] ask for anything.

1. We hop on a phone call.

2. You tell us what’s working and what’s not with your online marketing efforts. If you have a current website, you are welcome to provide us the link during the call so we’re able to identify any problems faster.

3. We perform an audit of your current online presence.

4. We make immediate recommendations which will increase your sales and protect your reputation while also answering any questions you may have.

5. If and ONLY if you’d like to explore further opportunities to getting our help, we will advise on appropriate next steps.

From initial design to monthly updates and unlimited edits, we take care of everything for the life of your website starting from a crazy-low monthly rate of $399. We pride ourselves on building and managing websites that convert leads into customers and comply with ADA regulations.

Please note: unlike most web development companies we do not lock our clients into strict long-term contracts. We believe in earning your trust and it’s because of this that we give our clients the opportunity to cancel anytime.

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